Quicken Mac is now reporting only "Asset Mixture" for mutual funds.

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Quicken 6.3.0, MacOS 11.5.1

For years I've been using asset classes to help manage my investments, which are largely mutual funds. Even the most targeted mutual funds will usually hold some cash or other asset classes aside from their primary one. Until recently, Quicken seems to look into the actual asset class makeup of each MF as reported and use that to produce it's asset class reports. As of the recent update, it reports most MF as "Asset Mixture", which makes it's asset class reporting useless to me (and presumably others) - this represents 75% of my investments.

I tried manually setting the asset class for all of the funds to a more proper approximation in the Securities window (i.e., setting an S&P500 index fund to Large Cap) but Quicken reset them all back to Asset Mixture after the next download.

Is there any solution to this?


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    Hello Scott,

    I also had the same question. I asked the question on another Quicken forum and got this response from Quicken:

    This is the response from Quicken Marcus, an administrator:

    I also thought this might be a bug but found out that we basically don't currently allow you to change a Mixed-Asset class. This is not really well implemented and we need to do a better job here but basically, we are actually saving the mixed-asset class down to its individual components which is coming from our quote provider. For example, I was just looking at Vanguard S&P500 Growth ETF (VOOG) and the asset mix is actually 91% Large Cap, 8% Small-Cap and 1% International. How do I know that? Well, I had to use Quicken Windows to find that out because Quicken Mac doesn't display it. Quicken Mac should. However, Quicken Mac is storing and using those percentages when it displays the asset mix charts on the dashboard even if we never show you the asset class percentages for a mixed-asset class. If you change other asset classes, Quicken Mac will remember the change you made but we treat the mixed-asset class special. In any case, I agree it looks like a bug and we should at least tell you that it won't be saved instead of just not doing it.
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    @scott abbey Yes, this is a problem! My Portfolio view viewed by asset allocation shows I have nearly 75% of my investments in the "Asset Mixture" class -- which makes viewing by Asset Class pretty much useless.

    Quicken is using a calculated/derived makeup of "mixed" asset class -- using third-party data for all "asset mix" securities to break them down proportionally into their proper asset class categories -- for the new Dashboard card which shows asset allocation. That's a good thing, I believe.

    The problem is that it is not using the same data & calculations for the Portfolio view. Since the Portfolio view is the only one which can be printed or exported, and is the only way to look at holdings on a date other than today, it seems imperative for them to change the Portfolio view's asset class calculations to mirror the "real world" asset class breakdown shown in the new Dashboard.

    I posted about this in the thread @hedstrom1014 mentioned above, but there has been no response from Marcus (who is the product manager for Quicken Mac). So it's not clear if this is an oversight by the developers, something they have planned for the future, or something they don't yet understand is problematic. It might be helpful for you to add a post of your own in that thread -- you can basically copy and paste what you wrote above -- in the hope Marcus will see it. (He typically reads and responds to such threads in the week or so after a new release, but then stops, so we never know what he does and doesn't read and process.) There are several acknowledged bugs in the 6.3 release, and they paused a full rollout of this release to all users as they presumably work on a 6.3.1 update to be released in the near future. 
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