Will Quicken Deluxe for 1 User Windows and Mac DVD QUI940800F071 run under Mac Big Sur

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I am moving to a M1 Mac mini and Big Sur. My Quicken 17 is 32 bit and won't run on Big Sur. I want a Quicken that I own not rent. Will this one work. The Quicken MPN is given as 500368711, 160481. The model is given as 24411747 QUI940800F071.


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    1) Quicken Mac 2017 is 64-bit and will run on Big Sur should you want it to. (Quicken 2007, on the other hand, will not.)

    2) Current Quicken Mac not only runs on Big Sur, but is recompiled to be native for an M1 Mac (which means greater speed).

    3) "Own" versus "rent" is a misnomer. We never "own" any software, only a license to use it. That hasn't changed. With old versions of Quicken, the license allowed you to use it indefinitely, but online services for downloading transactions, prices, etc. expire after a period of several years -- sort of like a subscription which ends after a certain date. Four years ago, Quicken switched fully to a subscription model, but aside from the terminology, duration and price, nothing really changed: you still get the software which you can use indefinitely, but all online services end if you allow your subscription to lapse. If you want to continue to use Quicken Mac without renewing your subscription, you can do so, with the caveat that they grab the right side of your screen for messaging encouraging you to renew; if you are okay ignoring that space they steal, you can continue to use the software to manually enter everything just as you could in the past.

    4) I have no idea what those numbers are. You're simply buying -- direct from Quicken, or via a third-party retailer -- Quicken. A subscription allows you to download Quicken Mac and/or Quicken Windows. The only product differentiation is that can buy a subscription for Starter, Deluxe, or Premier; Deluxe is the correct choice for the vast majority of users.
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