Getting an accurate budget report

It appears you can only get an accurate budget report on the last day of the month as you cant set a specific date range as you could in Quicken 2007. Any way around this?


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    Currently, no. I find it one of the most confounding omissions in Quicken Mac at the moment. It seems as if the developers don't actually use the budget feature; they checked off that they had created a budget report, but didn't understand it's only accurate 12 days a year (and not even really then, since some transactions typically don't post or download until a day later, when the budget YTD has moved on to the next month).

    Although it's not the desirable solution, the way around this is to export the budget to a CSV file and open it in Excel or Numbers. Delete the columns for months which aren't relevant (whether you just want the last month, last quarter or year to date), create a formula to sum the remaining columns, and copy it down for all the rows. The first time or two you do this, it may seem time consuming, but after a few times, you can do it in a minute.

    And hopefully, the developers will create a way to specify a time range for a budget report! Please visit this thread and add your vote for this feature.  
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