The file menu was changed. Why?

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:( Why was the file menu changed? I use it to make backups. It was harder to find them after many years of the "old" and better lists.

The previous lists worked perfectly.


  • kir911
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    Why does Quicken change items that are working perfect for years. Bring back "save file" or "save file as"
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    kir911 said:
    Why does Quicken change items that are working perfect for years.
    Even though I agree with the need to bring back Save As, there was a reason, and Quicken wasn't working perfectly.  It might have worked for your use case, but there are certainly use cases where it hasn't been working right sync they started syncing a lot of information to the Quicken cloud data set.

    There is a unique Id in each data file that up until this change could never be changed.
    That unique Id is used to know what Quicken cloud data set to sync with for functions like Mobile/Web and Express Web Connect, and various other services like Bill Manager and the credit score, ...

    In the past user would take their existing data file, make a copy of it and then start using that data file as if it was a different data file, deleting or adding accounts and such that aren't in the original data file.

    When that data file goes to sync it will be syncing with the Quicken cloud data set of the original data file, and as such is subject to all kinds of corruption.

    EDIT from the release notes:

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