Quicken hangs during Update All Online Accounts

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Quicken hung during an Update All Online Accounts (UAOA) operation. The GUI was not responding to clicks, scroll requests or window resize. And the UAOA operation was not completing even thought I waited 1/2 hour.

The problem was an error dialog: 

This dialog was blocking Quicken’s activity, but it did not pop up where it was visible on any display. I (eventually) found the dialog hiding under a pile of Textedit windows on a secondary display. Clicking the OK button allowed Quicken to continue with the UAOA and reach completion.

Side note: I see this error with some frequency (once a week?). Even when the dialog does appear where I can see it (which is most times), it blocks the UAOA from completion -- the Quicken Connect accounts have not yet even started their updates when the hang occurs so there is additional time required once I acknowledge the dialog by clicking the OK button.

My suggestions:

1) Quicken should ensure that the error dialog always appears where it can be seen. It should not ever get buried behind other windows.

2) Since this particular error is not fatal to the overall operation of either Quicken or the Update All Online Accounts process. Quicken should not let the dialog block the programs operations.

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  • jacobs
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    @lhossus  You should report this problem to Quicken using Report a Problem in the program. It's very unlikely that posting an issue here will be seen by the developers.
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  • lhossus
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    Yes, I have done the Report a Problem already. And I have linked that report to this discussion in case other Quicken users might be able to comment on this issue.

    I really do hope others can chip in on this. I can't be the only one experiencing problems with this dialog. But I suspect the problem comes up only infrequently and making a problem report is a lot of trouble for a problem that is easy to work around. Thus it is flying under the radar as far as the developers are concerned.

    I checked back thru my records of bug reports and found I have done a Report a Problem on this at least once a year going back to 2018. I probably should try to report the problem more often.
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