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I am confused by the projected balance, can it be changed to match my bank balance


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    More details, please.
    Are you talking about the Projected Balance view, either in a customized Home page view or in the Bills & Income tab?
    In this view, today's "Closing balance" should be the balance of all the transactions in the register, as of today, +/- any actual transactions and still scheduled reminders dated today. Future dated balances are calculated the same way.
    If your register's running balance does not match the "Online Balance", as reported by the bank or downloaded from the bank, you may want to compare (aka reconcile) your register to the bank statement and correct any missing, duplicate or otherwise incorrectly recorded transactions.
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    The point of the graph is to predict what the balance will be now and in the future.
    It takes into account scheduled reminders (and overdue reminders).

    Note this might not be what the balance of your online account is.
    Just as you might have just written a check and recorded it in Quicken, and that has yet to clear the bank, and as such the financial institution won't have it in its balance you might have scheduled reminders that make the balance different to.

    Each line is the balance over time of a given account that you have selected to show.

    The main thing I use the projected balance graph for is cash flow.  I have my checking account and credit cards on the graph.  I pay my credit cards from the checking account and have a scheduled reminder for each credit card payment.  So I can see if my checking account balance would go negative in the future as the payments are made.
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