Local install lost all history data

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I just installed Quicken Deluxe for Mac, and asked a question about resetting cloud data due to being used elsewhere (I used Quicken Deluxe on a different computer and want to use it only on my new computer).
I agreed, and now my cloud account is wiped.

I need to restore my original data but cannot.


  • UKR
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    Did you transfer your Quicken data file from the old Mac computer to the new  one?
    If yes, setup to sync your new Mac's data file to the web or smartphone app.

  • jacobs
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    When you move from one computer to another you must move your Quicken data file. You can't start on a new computer by downloading from Quicken Cloud; Quicken Cloud is not a complete backup of your local data file. So whether you deleted your old Quicken Cloud data or not, it doesn't matter, as it couldn't have gotten you up and running on the new computer

    Do you still have access to the old computer? Or do you you have any form of backup of your data (such as Time Machine, online backup service, or full disk copy) from the old computer?
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