Is it possible to sort the amount column in the reconcile window using Quicken for Mac?

In older Window's versions of Quicken it was possible to sort the amount column. This made it easier to have the amounts in either ascending or depending order and quicker to reconcile. I'm relatively new to Quicken Mac online version Quicken Deluxe (version 6.3.1, macOS 11.1) Thanks you.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Yes, you can sort by any column in the reconcile window. The reconcile screen shows separate deposit and payment columns (since many bank statements list deposits separate from withdrawals), so you can sort deposits in ascending or descending amount order, or payments in ascending or descending amount order.

    Note that this answer is for Quicken Mac. You mentioned "online version"; if you are using the web interface to Quicken, I'm not sure whether it works the same way because I only use desktop Quicken Mac. 
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  • T.Smith
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    jacobs, thanks for your response to my question. Turns out there was a glitch in my file that was preventing me from sorting the payment and deposit columns in the reconciliation window. I used the chat feature and the agent was able to walk me through the process to export my data, create a new file and all is working fine now.
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