Way to forecast account balance with groceries/gas you plan to spend?

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I'm looking into Quicken and I'm wondering if there is a way to view future account balances (forecasts) that include the amounts of items that aren't future bills. i.e. groceries, gas, eating out.

I currently use a calendar budget which I enter a grocery amount that repeats every two weeks. This amount is then reflected in my future account balances.



  • John_in_NC
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    Yes, in both the Mac and Windows version, you can setup up scheduled transactions for things such as what you expect to pay for groceries or fuel at specific intervals. These transactions can be one time or reoccurring.

    These transactions aren't actually posted until you choose to do so (manually, or automatically), and you are free to edit the amounts. And yes, they will affect how the projected balances of your various accounts' projected balances. I use this to see how much I will have in future accounts after various bills are paid.

    There is a calendar view of this if that is the way you prefer to view things.
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    And there is a budget module, where you can project future expenses and income, and see actual versus budgeted values.
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    In older Quicken for Windows versions many years ago there used to be a Forecast function which would take ad-hoc transactions (unscheduled, irregular, non-recurring events) into consideration when calculating future account balances.
    Oh, how I wish this function were back, as an option in Budgets and/or in Projected Balances views!
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