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Shares transferred between accounts problems

I'm trying to transfer mutual funds from Account A to Account B. I assumed that the "account you want to use" was the transfer from account. When I tried to do that, using the parameter of transfer all shares, it told me I didn't have enough shares to complete the transaction. So I switched to Account B as the "account you want to use" and Account A as the transfer account. Again it told me I didn't have enough shares to transfer all shares. So I have two questions, (1)which account should be the "Account" and which should be the "Transfer Account" and (2) how can Quicken tell me I don't have enough shares to transfer all shares?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm not sure where you're getting the quote about the "account you want to use" because the action "Shares Transferred Between Accounts" doesn't use that wording:

    The usage is to start this action in the "From" Account with the "To" Account entered in the "Transfer account" window. 
    The statement about not enough shares suggests to me that two numbers in Quicken, probably a calculated number vs. a number stored in the data base, aren't agreeing for some reason.  You might try a file validation that includes the rebuild investment lots option to see if that helps.

  • Thanks, Tom, that clears things up. Hopefully a file validation will fix the 2nd issue. Where I got that quote was from the Quicken Help file, and it also shows up on the Quicken website.