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Was using Quicken. Closed it to do something. Came back and all it opens is an old versiion of Quicken with data ending in 2003. How do I find the current version on my Mac?


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    Are you sure your register wasn't accidentally sorted by some other column or by Date in the wrong order, now showing oldest transactions first?
    Scroll to the other end (top or bottom) of the register and see if your recent transactions are there.
    Click the Date column header once to sort the register by Date. To toggle the register's sort order between ascending (oldest transaction at top) or descending (newest transaction on top) click the Date column header again.
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    First, let's clarify between different versions of Quicken and different data files on your Mac. When you launch Quicken Mac, can you pul down About Quicken to report what version of the program -- e.g. 6.3.1 or 6.2.2. or something else -- you're using. 

    Assuming you are launching the correct program, then the issue is opening the correct data file. Quicken normally keeps track of the most recently used data file, but there are things which can disrupt it. Frequently, going to the File > Open Recent menu can resolve this for you. The first item in the pop-up list is the file you just opened (with the data from 2003 and earlier), and the second item in the list would be your next-most-frequently opened data file -- which is likely to be the one you want. Select it and see if your data is back to normal. If the options on the File > Open Recent menu don't open your current data file, then you're going to need to dig in to find that file via the Finder.

    Post back if you've tried what @UKR suggested and/or what I've suggested above without success, and you need help locating other Quicken data files. 
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