Entering (not oxy) warrants into Quicken

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  • AbitDull
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    I've been issued warrants by another company (not 0xy) and I'm trying to figure out how to enter them into quicken. Is the transaction entered as a "Buy - Shares Bought" even though I haven't bought anything? The warrants can't be exercised for another 20 months. Fidelity has recorded the warrants as having a basis price. What should I select as the Transaction type (type of transaction)? How do I handle the fact that no money was taken from my account for these warrants? Quicken wants to know where the cash came from even though no cash was spent? Fidelity shows a price paid (basis) for the warrants and I'd like to be able to enter a basis price in Quicken so I'll have a record of it 20 months from now.
  • Tom Young
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    Disclosing the company that issued the warrants would go a long way to getting a correct answer. 

    There should be information posted by the company explaining the tax consequences of the warrant issue and that will guide you to the "correct" entries into Quicken.   As I said above, financial institutions don't always send Quicken the correct accounting entries. 
    Some warrants can require that some of your basis in the stock of the company that issued the warrants should be allocated to the warrants and the fact that Fidelity's entry suggests this might be the case, that's entirely unclear.