removing a bank account

I have a bank account in quicken for windows that I would like to remove from my data but would like to be able to reinstate it at a later date. I do not want the account to show in my current account list.
Is there a way to accomplish this?

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  • Sherlock
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    If you want to delete the account register, open the register, press Ctrl + Shift + E, and select Delete.

    If you want to keep the account separate and/or hidden in the account list, open the register, press Ctrl + Shift + E, select the Display Options tab, and check the appropriate options.
  • DERA80B#
    DERA80B# Member
    I can't get that to work.
    I opened the check register and pressed Ctrl+Alt+E (simultaneously) and nothing happens.
    What am I doing wrong?
  • DERA80B#
    DERA80B# Member
    On second thought, that maneuver destroyed the check register.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    The correct 3-finger salute is CTRL-SHIFT-E, which is just a shortcut for Edit Account Details in the register menu. I hope you had a recent backup.
    Do NOT delete the account if you might ever want to look at it again. Deletion is permanent. You can hide the account and/or make it separate. Those options are on the Display Options tab of the Account Details dialog.
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  • DERA80B#
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    Thanks RJ. Your suggestion worked.
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