Quicken Dlx R34.24: Memorized investment transaction not supported in last opened investment account

Bill Baker
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I have memorized an investment transaction over two years ago and it shows up in my investment transaction list, but when I click "Use", I get a pop up dialogue box that says "Memorized investment transaction not supported in last opened investment account." I was able to successfully use the same transaction (SoldX in an IRA) for a QCD on 3/20/2020.


  • Jim_Harman
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    Two thoughts:

    1) Each memorized investment transaction is tied to a particular investing account and that account must be open in order to use the transaction. That appears to be what the error message is trying to tell you.

    2) I have noticed some issues with memorized investment transactions recently, in my case two of them disappeared from the list. You might try deleting and re-memorizing any problem transactions.
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  • Bill Baker
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    I understand what the message says. It just happens to be incorrect as the investment account from which the memorized transaction was created IS OPEN when I try to USE the transaction. I tried deleting all memorized investment transactions and creating a new one, but the same problem occurred with the new transaction.