How can I an update transactions for a single account instead of using QMAC aggregator?

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QMAC newbie but long-time QWIN user. In QWIN there is an "Update now" in the Settings menu of each account. Were is that button in QMAC? Thanks!


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    You might not be able to do so:

    While there is the single account "Update" button in the Account Status window, that will still update all Quicken Connected accounts-not just the ones selected. 

    Direct Connect might behave differently (i.e., update all or indecently), but this depends on the financial institution. 

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    I thought I would mention the even in Quicken Windows "Update Now" doesn't update just one account.  It would update all the accounts at that financial institution for that user name.

    I'm sure the reasoning on that is because there isn't any difference in time to get all the data for that connection (and why even code to get individual accounts?), so why would they only keep part of it and throw away the rest?

    And it sounds like for Quicken Connect they are doing a similar optimization.
    The thing to understand is that it is the Quicken/Intuit servers that actually get the data, and the fetching of the data isn't necessary directly connected to you asking for it.  In other words the servers are fetching data and caching it.  So you do an Update Now for one account/financial institution and they already have the data for all the Quicken Connect accounts/financial institutions, they see no reason not to give it to you.
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