How to get quickfill rule to update already downloaded transactions?

Brand new to Quicken. Connected some accounts and started categorizing some transactions in the spending tab and checking the Quickfill box. I hoped all the other transactions with the same payee and wrong category would update but they did not.


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    QuickFill rules refer specifically to the creation of new transactions. QuickFill rules will never affect existing transactions, only future ones. 

    That said, there are a number of ways to make mass changes to past transactions. If you want to change all the categories on transactions fo a specific Payee, you could do this:
    • Control-Click on a transaction for this Payee.
    • Select Find [Payee name] from the dropdown menu.
    This will display a register of all transactions for this Payee. Do you want to change the category on all transactions or just some of them? For all, just press Command-A to select all transactions. But let's say you want to find all the ones with category ABC and change them to category XYZ. 
    • Click on the Category heading to sort by category.
    • Click on the first transaction with category ABC.
    • Shift-click on the last transaction with category ABC.
    With the transactions you want to edit highlighted, select Transactions > Edit Transaction (or Command-E), edit the category field to category XYZ, click OK, and they will all be changed.

    There's one important caveat about such mass editing: it does not work on split lines in transactions. If what you're trying to edit is fully or partly contained in splits, you have to edit those transactions manually. (I hope this will be changed in the future.)

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