Investment Account/Transaction Issue

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    I did change the name of one investment account last month, how ever Quicken did not display the new name, but keeping the old name on the account list. I have no choice but continue using the old account name. What's bothering me is when I transfer money from my banking account to this investment account a week ago, everything went well as usual. What's surprised is when I cleared this transaction on the banking account and saved it, Quicken said this is an new investment account and is not on the existing account list, and ask me to add a new account. Another surprise is when I do the same thing, clear and save the transaction on the investment account, it went well without any issue. I cancelled the transaction and create the same transaction again, Quicken accepts the entry as usual, until later I add a memo on this transaction and save it, Quicken again show the same issue on the banking account, but no problem on the investment account. I wonder what had gone wrong and how to fix this.