Capital One Credit Cards do not update (Mac)

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I am a new user, I have added my Capital One Accounts. Only one of 5 accounts downloaded transaction. 3 of 5 downloaded very few transactions and one didn't connect and download at all. I have tried refreshing accounts multiple times to no success.


  • juna74
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    To clarify, I am able to successfully add my Capital One Savings and Checking Account, and transactions download appropriately. Unfortunately, my Capital One Credit Cards are not able to connect and download. I am connecting using Capital One 360 from the Quicken institution list and as suggested elsewhere on this community. I have authorized all my accounts (including credit card accounts) on the Capital One form. However, just the credit card accounts do not connect. Please advise
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    This forum is not Quicken Support; it's primarily a user-to-user forum. You might want to contact Quicken Support between 8 am and 8 pm (Eastern) for help with your connectivity issue. 
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  • Robert Honeyman
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    Capital One credit cards are currently on the fritz. Until it's fixed (no ETA), I'm going to the CapOne site and doing a direct download from my credit card. It's really annoying.
  • FYI as of 09/07/2021 My Capital One 360 Checking account is working. But my Capital One Venture credit card is NOT.
  • do you guys have any luck with bill pay from them?
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