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When I open Quicken 2015 on my iMac or Mac Book I get the get the following pop up "Quicken 2015 needs to be installed in the Application folder'. This happens every time I open Quicken 2015. Quicken is already in the Application folder on both computers. I click 'Install' and Quicken opens and is usable. Anyone experienced this issue?


  • jacobs
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    What version of macOS are you running?

    I still have Quicken 2015 on my MacBook Pro running Mojave, and it launches without the problem you describe.

    I recall a problem which occurred on rare occasion where an invisible file caused Quicken to think it needed to be installed in the Applications folder when it was already there. Try this:
    • Press Command+Shift+. (That's Command-Shift-Period) This command toggles macOS to show hidden files.
    • Open the Applications folder.
    • Look to see if there is a folder named "Background" containing a hidden PNG file named "background.png"
    • If so, that's the culprit.
    • Trash the Background folder.
    • Press Command+Shift+ again to toggle off the visibility of hidden files.
    Now launch Quicken, and you should get past the issue.

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