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re: Quicken for Mac. How do I void a Check Pay check that has apparently been lost in transit. Quicken support told me how to delete the check from my register, but I do not want to do this and lose the transaction details.


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    Hello @plattom

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue. If you would like to void the check that was sent out you'll want to contact the bank and let them know what check to void. This way you're able to keep it inside of the Quicken register like requested.  You'll need the check #, date, and who it was written to generally for the bank to be able to do this.

    If you have any questions please let us know.


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    Unless I'm mistaken, in Quicken Mac there's no function to VOID a register transaction. And there's no way to mark a Check Pay transaction as void or change the amount to 0.00
    Because it's a Check Pay transaction involving only a piece of paper (and the money is still in your account) I'm thinking that you might be able to
    • record an offsetting "Check #xxxxx lost in mail" deposit transaction, to correct the balance of your account
    • pay the bill with a paper check from your own personal checkbook and mail it to the correct address or see if you can pay the bill electronically from the biller's website (Direct Debit, Autopay, APS, whatever the biller calls it)
    • call your bank (or use their website) and put a Stop Payment order on this check, should it ever show up unexpectedly. That'll probably cost you a fee.
    • review your Quicken transaction records to doublecheck that the original check was actually mailed to the biller's correct mailing address
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    For a voiding a physical check in Quicken Mac, I simply record in the Memo field: VOID, the original check amount, and any additional reason (eg. "check out in mail", "check never cleared"), and then set the Amount of the transaction to zero. Alternatively, you could leave the original amount, and add a new transaction with a negative of the amount to update the account balance, as @UKR mentioned. (My only uncertainty was whether being a Check Pay check would allow you to edit the transaction after it's been processed; I don't use Check Pay.)

    As to whether it's worth paying a fee to your bank for a Stop Payment, that's a judgment call you'll need to make based on whether you think the recipient would cash a duplicate check if they later receive it. One thing to be aware of is that at many banks, a Stop Payment order expires after a period of time (my bank its 6 months), so it's not a perfect catch-all for someone cashing a check far in the future. 
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