r35.23 update - New Dashboard Feature - Portfolio Value Incorrect

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The new dashboard feature that came with r35.23 is nice, but the Portfolio values Under HOME tab > (new) DASHBOARD > Portfolio Value is way off/incorrect and shows about 1/2 of what real value is.
The value (💲) that is displayed on the INVESTING tab > DASHBOARD Portfolio Value is indeed correct and just fine and always has been.
I see no way to see what accounts are aggregated into that NEW home dashboard portfolio value but is clearly incorrect. Anyone else have this issue or suggestions to resolve it? Seems to be a bug for that new feature release.


  • jcgmc24
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    I figured out part of the problem with some troubleshooting, and it does appear to be a bug. So apparently if you have an investment account display options set to "Hide in transaction entry lists" it will not be included in that new portfolio value. So it's not working as it should. As that option only hides it in transaction entry lists not in display.
    Now I could see if the option checkbox "Keep this account separate - the account will be excluded from Quicken reports and features" was checked, that would make sense but is not the case. The only two other accounts that are not included in this portfolio value are brokerage accounts. They should be included. So both those bugs should be reviewed so all investments accounts show in the "Portfolio Value", as they make up the portfolio value obviously.
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    I agree with you assessment.  What is really needed is a way to customize what accounts/securities are used in the Portfolio Value graph card and there the proper rules about including/excluding accounts based on "Hide in transactions entry lists" can be applied.
    This is my website: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/
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    My dashboard portfolio is incorrect for only one IRA account. The number of shares for each security in that account is exactly twice the actual number of shares in the account. Other IRA accounts and brokerage accounts are correct.
  • PRD
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    Assuming Quicken gets around to solving this issue, they should also look at the "Last 6 months" option. I looked at the chart on Oct 24. The x-axis starts at Apr 21; the last label is for Sep21. Given that Oct 21 was a Friday, having the 6-month window start on Apr 21 is reasonable. But now use your mouse to move over the last date on the chart. It is Sep 30. So the chart does not include any of the current month! Before you say "last 6-months means previous 6-months", remember that the X-axis starts with Apr 21, not Apr 1.

    There really is no excuse for this bug. Any test data should have shown the problem. Clearly there wasn't a real QA test. Please spend less time trying to make the charts appealing, and more time making them accurate.
  • dalepreston
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    I solved my incorrect portfolio values in the Dashboard by running a file validation.
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