Downloaded Transactions Do Not Appear for User Verification

The issue described above began after the most recent update. Prior to the update, transactions did appear under the "Transaction Download" tab in the register along with a red flag next to the relevant account. After the update, a red flag still appears next to the account for which transactions are downloaded. However, those transactions do not appear in the "Transaction Download" tab for verification. I was told by a Quicken representative that I needed to set my preferences to immediately download the transactions into the register and then reset the indicator to it's original setting. This workaround, which is a cumbersome resolution did not resolve the problem and is contrary to the architecture within Quicken. According to the information provided within Quicken's software, downloaded transactions will, as a default, be provided to the User under the "Downloaded Transaction" tab for verification before being entered into the register unless the User resets his/her preferences. Apparently the issues addressed in January 2021have sprung up again in August 2021. I have been a Quicken User for many years and have lost data several times as a result of new versions not being adequately tested before being provided to the Community and my backup data not being compatible with the new versions or becoming corrupted. Furthermore, a User should not be performing workarounds to resolve an issue especially when the workarounds don't work.


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    Actually the default for new users is automatic transaction entry mode for the banking accounts (not so for the investment accounts).

    You did mention if this was in an investment account or not, that might also play a role in this if using "Show cash in a checking account".

    To me it isn't clear at what exactly causes such problems, but I can say that from the reports in this forum it certainly not something new.  There is even a FAQ on it.  What makes it really hard to pin down is it seems to only happen to some people, some times.
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    The issue I described occurred with my banking and credit card accounts. The fact that this issue has occurred in the past implies that the software is unstable [Removed- Speculation]. I have a real issue when the User cannot rely on the product and is required to tell Quicken about the issues after a new release or update.