Retrieve bank data from old renaming rules

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When I first started using Quicken in 2012, I made the error of setting up renaming rules, not realizing how useful the original name data from the bank was.

The most useful inclusion (and the most likely to screw up a renaming rule) was the date of the transaction.

For example, if you really like Burger King Whoppers and get the same order a few times a week, it becomes difficult to tell which transaction matches to a particular receipt unless the date of transaction is included--because some companies don't process their transactions immediately, but wait and do several at once.

I learned NOT to rename, but I've got old transactions where the data from the bank is still there in Quicken (because it pops up if I try to modify the old name) but I don't know how to view it without "pretending" to create a new renaming rule. This is really tedious.

What I'd actually like is to have Quicken replace the "renamed" companies with the original bank data. Is this possible? And, if so, how?

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  • Chris_QPW
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    For transactions that were renamed (and not changed/matched to reminders) you can right click on the transaction and select to "Revert the payee".

    You can also turn on the Downloaded Payee column to see that it is:

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