Quicken Freezes on Launch

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Just upgraded from Q2007 to subscription Quicken Deluxe. Love the new software!

Question, tho: I installed it on my Mac OS account and also on my wife's Mac OS account on our shared MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) running Catalina. Quicken runs great on my account. However, on her account following a crash, now when I launch it Quicken just freezes. It starts to load but the program menus never appear and it just is stuck. Have to Force Quit. I've logged in and out. I've waited 30 minutes. No luck.

Thus, how do I get Quicken running again?

(No worries about data files; we're just starting on her account so the data file is not important.)

Thank you!!!


  • jacobs
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    "I installed it on my Mac OS account and also on my wife's Mac OS account". You shouldn't have needed to install the Quicken application twice; just one instance of it should appear in your Applications folder, and it should not be in the Application folder inside each User folder.

    You say not to focus on the data file, but I just want to ask if you are indeed using two separate data files, one for you and one for her?  If you are trying to share one data file, we need to dig into that, because if it's not done right, you can experience problems.

    One other diagnostic question: in your wife's account, try launching Quicken while holding down the Shift key. Does it bring up a dialog box asking if you want to open a file, and is this the file you last used in this 
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    Many thanks for your input!

    My bad- I meant that I had it installed on the MBP and was running it from each UID account.

    Thanks for the shift key tip!

    Quicken 2021 started running again after a few more reboots so all is good now :)
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