Convert QM2002 files (OSX) to QM Stater in Mojave

John1111 Member
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I've got my Quicken 2002 on an old hemisphere iMac dual-boot to OS9.2 or OSX. I've purchased a subscription to Quicken for Mac Starter on my MacBook Pro running Mojave (which I will eventually upgrade to Big Sur). I've copied two versions of my QM2002 data files onto a flash drive (one has no suffix and is 7.2MB, the other is a .qif file of 2.6MB) and tried to open them in QM Starter. I get an error message for each of them saying: "cannot open, data file is missing". What can I do to fix this? I'm really only interested in the check registers for one account with the related categories and the reconcile function.


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