How to merge a Windows QDF file with a Quicken for the Mac Version 6.3.2?

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I'm a treasurer for a non-profit and receive a periodic backup of our Quicken books from our director's Windows version of Quicken in QDF format. I have the latest Quicken for the Mac Version. Is it possible to merge the data from QDF file into my .quicken file or a series of process steps to take to make that happen? I know I can import the QDF file as a new file, but then I have to recreate all of the reports again. Please point me to a thread that addresses this issue if possible.




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    Here's an article on converting Windows to Mac Quicken.  You might have to do some steps on the Windows Quicken first.  

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    But there is no way to import/merge selected data; the import process is intended to be a one-time conversion.

    You might find it better to build some Excel files for the reports you want. Then you could import the Quicken Windows file into Quicken Mac each time you receive it, export what you need to your Excel template(s), and print your reports. (When I was treasurer for a small non-profit association, I used Quicken to keep the books, but found Excel better for formatting the reports I distributed.)

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