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Good morning. This is an odd situation!
I wrote a check three weeks ago and it finally posted to my checking account. what is odd
is that when it posted to my Quicken checking account... It added it to the register! So now I have two check registers with the same check number! But the really odd thing is that even though it added it to my register, the total amount of my register is correct! So when I try deleting one of the two debits. The register is total is higher by the amount of that check!
I am not really sure what to do? I can leave that debit in my checking account but it doesn't sit well with OCD!
any help with this would be much appreciated.



  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Did Quicken also create a placeholder transaction for the amount of this check? If it couldn't match the manual check to the downloaded check, but it knew what your bank balance needed to be, it probably created an extra transaction to increase the balance to offset the duplicate check. Scroll to the beginning of your account, and look to see if there's such a transaction. If so, delete it, delete one of the duplicate check entries, and you'll be all set.
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  • Thomas Whalen
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    what would that transaction be called? I did what you recommended and dont see an amount at the beginning of the account. Thanks.
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