2 accounts, neither downloading the correct balance into quicken

This happened more than a month ago. Quicken worked fine while doing my taxes in March. The next time I logged in - the balances were all wrong and thus reconciliation not working. I worked for hours trying to fix it. I walked away. Thought I'd try again, this time with help.

Not the first time this has happened, but the first time this year :-)


  • cpgraettinger
    cpgraettinger Member ✭✭
    Nope I was wrong, I had a similar issue in March 2021. I found the help instructions from that discussion and created a test file, tried to download my account transactions and got different balances from using my correct Quicken file, but they're still wrong.
  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I suggest you begin by reconciling the registers using statements obtained from the financial institution.

    Note: If the reconciled opening balance has changed, a reconciled transaction has been added, modified, or deleted.  To determine the source of the change, I suggest you compare the running balance of the account register in the current Quicken file with the running balance of the account register from a Quicken file backup saved when the account was last reconciled.  One way to accomplish this is to print the registers to text files.
  • cpgraettinger
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    Thank you, Sherlock. I took your suggestion and found that the opening balance of both the accounts is missing! Huh? I have no idea how that happened. Could this be a software glitch?