When will we get a Reports interface like Windows for Mac?!

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Just converted to Quicken Mac and, man, would it be nice to have the same Reports interface like Windows. So much easier! What I did pay to, category, etc. Any word on this? p.s. the old Cash Flow modeling from Windows (long cancelled) would be nice also. Thanks!


  • jacobs
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    It would help if you could spell out examples of reports you'd like to create. (It's likely most reports users want can be created in Quicken Mac once you know how.)
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  • jawillcox
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    why is there no report to compare budget vs actual spending?? Preferably on a monthly and cumulative basis. You had it in 2007?? I was able to create such a report until your last "upgrade". What is the use of creating a budget if you cannot compare your actual spending vs your budget???
  • jacobs
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    I’m confused. When you open the budget screen, it shows budget versus actual for the year to date to the left of the monthly-by-month columns. Are you not seeing this? Nothing has changed with this part of the program recently.

    The problem is that YTD is through the current month, when most users would want to see YTD through the end of the prior month. We’re still waiting for the developers to add that functionality; meanwhile, exporting to a spreadsheet is the way to create a YTD report through the prior month.

    By the way, when you post in this user forum, you’re not speaking to the Quicken developers or management. This is primarily a place for user-to-user support.
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