How do I make report of the totals from my multiple IRA accounts using Quicken Deluxe (Mac) ?

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would appreciate any help on this. thanks


  • jacobs
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    • In the left sidebar, click on the Retirement subheading of Investing.
    • Click on the Portfolio tab.
    • If you have other non-IRA retirement accounts you're wanting to exclude from this report, then pull down the third filter which say "All Retirement accounts" to the first of your IRA accounts, then pull down again to the second IRA account, and so on until you have all the IRA accounts selected.
    • Set the first filter to Portfolio Value or Performance, and the second filter to Group by Account or Group by Security.
    • The resulting table should now display what you're looking for. You may want to show or hide various columns by clicking on the Columns icon.
    • You can print this as a report by clicking the Print icon.
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