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I'm having issues with credit card transactions showing up as Comcast charges and categorizing them as television expenses. It seems many small vendors in my area use Comcast business, and the charges are showing us as such instead of the business name. Any way to solve this?


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    Click on one of those charges and open View > Show Inspector. Near the bottom of the Inspector window, looked at the line for "Statement Payee". This is the Payee name exactly as transmitted by the credit card company. Does it show something like "Bob's Auto Service" as the Statement Payee, but the Payee higher up in the window is Comcast? If so, something in Quicken's back-end renaming server is improperly renaming that Payee. You can turn off Quicken's auto-renaming and auto-categorizing in Preferences > Connected Services -- but that's an all-on/all-off switch. Instead, you might want to create your own renaming rules, which will override anything Quicken would do in the background.

    Go to Window > Payees & Rules and click on Renaming Rules. Click on the + icon to create a new rule. If the Statement Payee name is "Bob's Auto Service", you would create a rule like this:

    Separately, you could create a QuickFill rule for the same Payee to apply the category you want.
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