Synced account showing wrong balance direction

I'm trying to sync my mortgage loan account from my bank, and associate it with the asset entry in Quicken. When I sync the account as a "Banking" type, the balance is negative (correct, since it's a loan that I owe), but I cannot associate the asset with it. When I sync it as a "Loan" type, the balance is positive (incorrect), and I can associate it with the asset, but it is marked as paid off. How do I get Quicken to realize it's a loan and should be applied as a loan, with a corresponding negative balance showing? The value is correct, it's simply in the wrong direction.


  • Sherlock
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    If you want to associate the loan with an asset, I suggest tracking the mortgage account as an offline loan account.  As you have discovered, an online loan account is less reliable and has less functionality than an offline loan account.