How can I import year to date info in August?

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I exported year to date transactions from CITI Card account to a QFX, and also to a text file to be sure CITI exported all the data. I opened the file in Quicken and only the data from May 1 on gets imported.


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    Are you sure Citi actually exported transactions back as far as January? It's not unusual for financial institutions to limit the amount of history they provide. Quicken will import whatever is in the file.

    You can open the .qfx file in TextEdit to look at it. Although some of it is hard to understand, you can see the dates of the transactions pretty clearly. My guess is that they don't ago back to January.
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    In the QFX file, near the beginning there are a pair of fields indicating the date range of the export you did (the days of the first & last transactions). Here's what mine look like from one of my Citi cards:
    Then for each individual transaction there's a field for the posted date:
    In addition to checking the dates in your QFX file, double-check that your register in Quicken is set to show all dates.

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