Damaged Quicken files after format?

Had a serious infection on my pc and I backed up my user folder in windows 10 containing all my quicken data to an external drive. Formatted the system with windows 10 fresh installation and installed my quicken 2007 software. Copied data over just fine but the files wont open or validate. Quicken constantly says that the files are damaged and to restore a previous backup. But it says that all my backups are damaged as well. Unfortunately my backups made were all saved in my documents folder under quicken. No matter what I do I cant get the files to open or validate. Ive tried all the troubleshooting steps quicken gives such as making a copy in windows explorer and trying to super validate a file. Any ideas? Did the infection damage my files?


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    If you haven't already, I suggest you download and apply the Quicken 2007 Release R5 patch from: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/quickenpatches.html
  • I ran the R5 patch and applied it to quicken. Im still receiving the same message tho that the files are damaged. Im not sure what could of caused this as all my microsoft documents that transferred over work normally.
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    Since you're on old, unsupported Q 2007 for Windows, you're still using the old data file format, where each "Quicken data file" consists of a set of files with different file types. For a list of file types in use see


    Do you have all the other file types available or do you only have the .QDF file(s)?

    Are you 100% sure that, before you wiped Windows, you were in fact using Q 2007 and had never purchased and installed a newer version of Quicken, e.g., Q 2008 - 2018 or Q Subscription (aka 2019 - 2021)?
    Old Quicken versions cannot access a Quicken data file that had been accessed by and converted to a newer version's file format.
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