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I'm trying to find accounts that I no longer use for historical record keeping purposes. Under Accounts, then "Hide and Show Accounts" it only shows me the current accounts which are showing; other accounts which I've hidden do not appear and I can't find them. How do I find them??


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    @Meg Hmm, that seems strange. In the Hide & Show Accounts window, Control-click on any of the column headings, and proceed to check any of the available columns which are unchecked. You should see Account Name, Financial Institution, Type, Hide in Lists, Keep Separate, and Mark as Closed. Are there any accounts with a checkmark in the Hide in Lists column? Or the Keep Separate column? If not, are any of the accounts in the list ones which perhaps you thought were hidden but currently are not? 

    If not, try this additional test. In the main Quicken window, click on All Transactions at the top of the left sidebar. Now, in the Search box on the right side, try entering a search term for a Payee or Memo you're sure was used in one of the accounts which you remember marking as closed. When you do a Search in All Transactions, it will show search results in hidden accounts. So we're looking to see if you can find a transaction in an account which isn't visible in your left sidebar. And if you find such a transaction, is that account visible in the Hide & Show Accounts window? 
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