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I'm very tired of waiting for Custom categories of Asset Class in Quicken Mac. This is the biggest problem for me. I have to use both Windows and Mac Quicken so I can see my Asset Allocation in the Windows version. This software change is pretty simple to perform. Why are the developers dragging their feet? Yes I know there's a thread on this and I did vote.


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    You posted about this in another thread, so it wasn't necessary to post the same thing here. I replied to this issue in the other thread

    The developers aren't dragging their feet; they have hundreds of feature requests that they are slowly moving forward on. We all wish they could move faster on implementing new features, but the program is complex and the progress is slower than we would wish. As you've seen in the 6.3 release, they have implemented the first enhancement related to asset classification: the new Dashboard. They have also promised to roll those changes forward to the Portfolio view in a future update. Whether/when they will open up custom asset classes to users, and how they will prevent users from messing up the automatic allocations, is unknown.
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