Improve the way Attachment Icon works

When clicking on a register transaction, the little attachment icon (a paperclip) appears on that register transaction regardless of whether there is an attachment associated with it or not. Only when you click off that transaction do you see that NO, there is no attachment.

This makes it difficult to know if you've attached a receipt or document, yet.

Maybe the icon appears so you have something to click on, or so users know they can click there to add an attachment (in case they forgot from the 1000 times they previously had done so :smirk: )

In any case, it would be great if either the icon did NOT appear unless you actually have something attached, or baring that make it a different color, or a different icon altogether if you need to put an icon to click on or let users know they can.



  • NotACPA
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    Or, instead of appearing/not, how about 2 icons?  One if there IS an attachment, and one if not?
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    Hello @GlenP

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue. Thank you for posting your idea to the community as well. We do have a post requesting a very similar feature with attachments. With that one having more votes attached I'd recommend that you add your vote as well and your comment on what you would like to be done so more traction can be gained on the post. If you have any questions please let us know.


    Quicken Francisco

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