Groundhog day - Quicken 2012 repeats same transaction over and over till crash

My Quicken 2012 served quite well until I couldn't open it at all. Now using Windows 10. Sent it to a local guru who was able to get a work around after a month and a new hard drive. When home, I discovered I had all check accounts and registers and reports available except my household account that crashed Quicken again when I tried to open it. I was able to look at the account as part of the Account List and saw I was overdrawn $10 Billion dollars - yep " Billion". I marked as a "Hidden Account" and started another account to replace it -beginning January 1 - and when I entered a repeating quarterly payment to the IRS on a quarterly basis it went crazy and started entering the same line time after time etc. in the register. Got it stopped and had to delete all the damage in the new account. Also wipe out the repetitive payment and using a paper calendar and red ink. Is there any way to clean million of lines from the data file without opening the register (because it won't let me -too much data) ? I have about 10 years of data I'd like to save rather that nuke the entire register account. Appreciate any ideas. Thanks.


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    I suspect you had a run away reminder.  The basic trick is to set the system date to a date earlier than the reminder's trigger, restore a Quicken file backup, and delete the corrupt reminder.  You should then be able to exit Quicken, correct the system date, start Quicken, and the issue should not reappear.
  • Marv@1975
    Excellent! I'm assuming then that the entries to the register will then self-delete/disappear as the reminder doesn't exist! I do have an external Seagate drive backup that has the data prior to the trigger date. As I really don't trust myself with this, I'll give the tech guru the job. Thanks for the assist.