6.3.x wont connect to one of my banks any more

Ever since 6.3.2 I can't connect to one of my Banks. The rest work. When I update it sometimes brings in transactions. Some times it doesn't. But it always shows the orange dot and and the error that it can't connect. The account status displays orange as well. I call support and they said it needed to be escalated but no one is around all week! This has been a problem for weeks I can no longer access my banks so is there anything I can try? I've disconnected and connected all the accounts and it still happens.


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    What bank is it? Have you checked the "Alerts, Online Banking & Known Product Issues" category of this forum to see if there are any known issues with the bank?

    Otherwise, if Quicken Support acknowledged it's a problem which needs to be escalated, I'd just wait until Tuesday and call back and see if you can get them to create a case, get the relevant information from your file, and escalate it. (Be aware that these issues can take days or weeks or months to resolve, depending on what the problem is; if it's a problem with Quicken's scripts, it should be resolved sooner; if it's a problem with the bank, it could be a quick fix or take a long time if the bank doesn't prioritize a fix.)
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