Fidelity Inv/NB Works 1 Time then it fails, causing my Password to need changing

I am a new user to Quicken. I use Quickbooks for my business and thought I should get something for home.
I have Quicken Premier.
The first time I started my file and added Fidelity NB/Inv it worked nearly fine, except it doubling my totals.
However, every single time I log in after that I go through the same process.
  1. It tries to log in
  2. It says it cannot
  3. Usually it ends up causing me to reset my Fidelity password (11 times so far)
  1. It tries to log in
  2. It says my password is wrong (it is not)
  3. I remove the accounts and add them back
  4. It works 1 time
  5. Starts the cycle over
100% reproducible and annoying and unfortunately makes Quick useless for me as my investments are a big part of why I bought Quicken.
Before you ask
  1. yes I know my password
  2. yes I try to log in to Fidelity when it says I cannot
  3. It either works (because I just changed it and the failure in QB is just once) or it tells me in Fidelity I need to reset my locked account password.

REALLY annoying...


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