How to use Quicken outside of US / Canada in Europe or Asia?

In the main settings I have to select either the US or Canada as my residence. I am from Germany, but living in Thailand. Is there any way that I can adapt the program? I can't believe that after years Quicken still hasn't added other countries to their system/


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    Quicken is only sold in the US and Canada. I would guess the rules on banking and transmission of banking data, which vary significantly by country, led to them deciding to make this only a US/Canada product many years ago. There are certainly people who live in other countries who use Quicken, and you can, too, if the limitation of not being able to do transaction downloading is something you can live with.

    As for entering your address, where are you being asked for that? For a purchase from Quicken, just use a dummy address in the US with a valid US zip code and I believe it will go through.
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