Including hidden and separate accounts in reports

When customizing a report, the Accounts tab has an option to include only selected accounts or "All Accounts (excludes hidden and separate accounts)". Based on my experience thus far with reports that existed before this All Accounts option became available, that option actually *includes* hidden and separate accounts.

I actually prefer to have an option that includes all accounts regardless of whether they are hidden or separated, so I like how it *appears* to be working for me, but as the toggel description says "excludes" I am asking for clarification.


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    Personally I think all of this is it messed up, and has been for a very long time, the new selection of the accounts only makes it more obvious.

    Starting with these two accounts that are "hidden", but not separate.

    Before the new "All Accounts ..." there was always this section.

    Notice that "Show (hidden accounts) isn't selected but you can see the two Z-Closed... accounts that are are "hidden" they show up in the "More Accounts" on the account bar exactly like they should.

    Now I selected "Separate" for the second of these accounts and now it doesn't show that account:

    So in reality Show (hidden accounts) is really Show (separate accounts) and from what I understand it has been like that for years with the wrong labeling.

    Now lets look at the "All Accounts":

    I didn't change the Z_Closed LC Cash 2 settings from the one above, but as you can see both the "hidden only" and the "hidden and separate" are both in the report.  Which is completely wrong for this part of the label: 

    Now personally the default for "All Accounts" I would like would be show the hidden ones, hide the separate ones.  The reasoning behind that is I hide closed accounts (and so does closing an account), but certainly when I'm running a report that goes back in time I want them in my reports like net worth.  As for the separate accounts those are somewhat "not my accounts" or "not accounts I'm generally tracking".  So by default I tend to leave them out of my reports/graphs.

    At any rate the labels and the behavior doesn't line up and that is definitely a bug in my book.
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