Can't Open Data File on New Computer

I will be needing to manage my finances with this laptop for a few months as I relocate. No problem installing Quicken here and opening data file with correct password. But it hits the Intuit login screen and wants me to login there and when I do that is says in red text an unknown error occurred. And yet, that same Intuit login worked to get me in here to ask the question. What do I need to do to get past the Intuit login so I can fully access my data file and manage my finances as I am in transit?


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    Since you didn't tell us which version (year) of Quicken you are using, but that you are getting an Intuit login, it implies that you do not have the latest release for that version.
    Down / Save / Execute the the appropriate last release for your version from this link: Quicken Patches and your issue should be resolved.

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  • Yeah sorry about that. It is Quicken 2016 Deluxe. The data file password is not the problem. It is the Intuit ID piece. Intuit Support says I need to buy the new Quicken then if I still can't get past the Intuit ID login part, they should be able to help me. So, basically, here... burn this 100 dollar bill and we will flip a coin to see if your problem is solved.
  • I just confirmed I am actually on the subscription plan so I am now downloading and installing Quicken from my subscription management page and not my computer's local Downloads folder. That Quicken 2016 installer is probably preventing me from upgrading to a supported version and I should get rid of it.
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