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Cant get Costco Citi card to reconcile

i've been using Auto Reconcile on this account for awhile, but havent reconciled since May. Went in to reconcile and it was off by over $9000! So i turned off auto reconcile and tried to do it manually. On first month I found a number of transactions that were on my statement but not downloaded and was able to balance after adding. On second month I was missing the entire month's transactions , I imported via QFX for the missing days and was still i checked each transaction and found additional missing transactions and transactions that were included in the reconcile that should be on the next month's account...but even if i add the missing transactions I am still off by at least $50...I dont want to do this for 4 more statements!!!! please help!


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Typically downloading of transactions is only for about 90 days. When you don't update for so long you can expect missing transactions.  No one can fix that kind of problem at this point.

    As for the reconcile being off by $50 most likely that is something like a transposed number like $56 instead of $65, but it really could be any kind of problem with one or more transactions.  Given we can't see your transactions and such there really isn't much else people can suggest other than carefully going over all the numbers including making sure the starting balance is correct.
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  • yvonnet
    yvonnet Member ✭✭
    thanks! I confirmed the starting amount was correct and just did the adjustment for that month. Rest of the months were fine after that.