Quicken Mac 6.3.3 beachballs on startup

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I upgraded from Quicken 2007 to Quicken for Mac. I could launch Quicken, import my qif file and view my register. Once I quit and then restarted the app, it just beachballs and hangs. Trying to start while press shift doesn't work. If I delete the preference file com.quicken.Quicken.plist, I'm able to get Quicken to launch and reimport my data and the circle begins again. Any ideas?


  • I should add I tried a different user and had the same results, with and imported file and with a start from scratch file. I even tried just opening Quicken the first time, doing nothing and then quitting, still hangs on 2nd launch
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    A few questions. What version of macOS are you running?

    You mentioned importing from a QIF file; that's not the normal way to move from Quicken 2007 to Quicken Mac. Do you still have your Quicken 2007 data file (.qdfm) file? If so, the proper way to import your existing data is to launch Quicken, and on the Let's Get Started page, select the option to start from a Quicken 2007 data file. Point to your .qdfm file and follow the prompts, and it will import your Quicken 2007 data.

    Now, back to the immediate problem of Quicken Mac hanging as soon as you launch it. I'm really puzzled by you saying that launching Quicken while holding the Shift key didn't work. You got no dialog box at all about opening your last-used file? It just hung immediately?

    I'm not sure what's going on; it's definitely not a problem we see reported here by others. So, a few quick troubleshooting steps... (1) Restart your computer. Sounds stupid, I know, but you'd be surprised the number of odd problems this can resolve. (2) Although it's usually not the solution, I'd delete the Quicken.app from your Applications folder and re-download and install a fresh copy from your login on quicken.com.
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  • The first time I imported my old data, I did use the old qdfm file. But on the subsequent trial import the data file was empty. I'm not sure why as it said it would leave it intact. I had a qif file that I had made prior to my upgrade from Mojave to Big Sur that I used to get my info into a Parallels Snow Leopard virtual machine that has Quicken 2007 running in it as for some reason I couldn't get it to import the qdfm file I had dragged into it. The Finder shows my old qdfm file as 0 bytes.

    I don't get a dialog box when starting up using the shift key, the app hangs immediately on startup.

    I have reinstalled the app at least 5 times (each with a fresh download) while troubleshooting, and restarted my computer multiple times. If I delete the com.quicken.Quicken.plist, along with the Application Support/Quicken folder Quicken will launch as it should and I can import my data again, but the 2nd launch always hangs immediately.

    I have noticed that right clicking on the app in the dock, I can still see my prior imports listed even though I trash the Quicken application support file so I am apparently not find all the old data files to delete prior to reinstalling to get a true fresh install.
  • ok, new development. I booted into Safe Mode and Quicken launched just fine. Booted back to normal and Quicken continues to keep launching. Now to import my files and see if it continues.
  • Imported my qif file and everything seems to be working fine now.
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    I was going to dig into the .qdfm situation -- there was probably a duplicate created as part of the conversion process -- but if you got a satisfactory import of the data you need from the .qif file, that's great and we don't need to pursue it. I have no idea what on your Mac could have been causing the program to freeze, but I'm glad it's working for you now.
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