Another 35.31 set of problems

The recent 35.31 update has to be one of the worst ever.

With it, I have seen - a CC-502 error when trying to connect to a Citibank credit care, "account missing" error when validating a QDF file where the total in a register was incorrect, and a double entry when updating a brokerage file.

This is one of the problems with never-ending "feature" upgrades - the FAILURE to do adequate REGRESSION TESTING and BUILD QA as the next "feature" is pushed out the door. As a developer, I would never think about more than 1-2 updates a year for precisely this reason.

It is obvious that Quicken is doing this to try justify the never-ending cash-cow of SaaS (Software as a Service).


  • Chris_QPW
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    Connection errors like CC-XXX are Express Web Connect errors.  Express Web Connect by its nature is error prone, but more importantly, the errors you get almost never have anything to do with Quicken "the program" or the release.

    Some problems are caused by a failed install for the patch for the next version, but most of these problem have nothing to do with either.  There have been a rash of Express Web Connect errors lately it doesn't matter which version of Quicken the users are on, because the problems are upstream as in the Quicken Cloud sync, or more likely in the process of the Intuit severs trying to log into non standard financial institution websites that keep changing.
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  • wsalomon
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    Thanks Chris - it eventually got fixed.