Credit card issued as a replacement for a hacked card

There are a number of closed discussions on this issue, but the responses are not making complete sense to me and quicken help didn't help.

I had a card get hacked and the bank issued a new card. I have the new card in hand.

This is what I think I'm supposed to do (If I'm wrong please correct me).

1) deactivate the old CC# account in the account details window under online services tab for that account
2) edit the account number in the general tab of the account details window to the new number
3) activate online services in the online services tab in the accounts detail window.
4) this is where I don't know how to proceed and some pictures of what should appear would be helpful...


  • Sherlock
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    You do not need to edit account number.

    After you've activated the Online Services on the original register, Quicken should import any new transactions just like it did previously.

    Note: Before making any significant changes to a Quicken file, always save a backup: press Ctrl + B
  • The one additional thing I had to do was when reactivating the online services a new window popped up asking what I wanted to do with the account and there was an option pull down window. What I chose was use the existing account (which seemed to work, the account register just continued on, I just changed the name on the account to reflect the new account number)