Happening again...Paychecks split transactions disappearing

John McClure
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Some months ago I had this same issue. It went away but now it's back..

The splits in my bi-weekly paycheck transactions which have multiple splits, of course, are being deleted. Image attached.
Oddly, when I hover over the transaction, the splits are shown. But when I open the transaction the splits are not there.
It appears that the transactions are still being included in the reports, thankfully.
The last time I had this issue I was told to perform a "super validate" which indicated the bad transactions, but did not fix the issue.

Is anyone else having this problem? Anyone found a fix?


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    Hi @John McClure,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having this problem. 

    If you have performed a search of this forum, you will likely find numerous posts of users with similar issues in recent years.  I cannot say that I know why these issues are happening, but one factor seems (to me) to be common among folks having these issues is the use of Quicken Mobile and/or Quicken on the Web.

    So my advice would be to disconnect from these two features.  Sorry that I cannot be of more help.


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