SchoolsFirst FCU/Schools First FCU CC-501 Error

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I searched and found nothing recent, but I've been unable to connect to SchoolsFirst FCU for more than a week. At first the error was CC-506 but later (after deactivation and reactivation) it became a CC-501 error.

A Quicken support rep advises that this is a known issue on their end, and they are working with SchoolsFirst to solve the problem.

As an aside, I noticed that Deactivation and Reactivation can change opening balances on an account, which obviously-- if it is never noticed-- effectively precludes that account from ever being reconciled again. I can't recall when I first learned this, but in anticipation I had written down the balances before attempting my most recent deactivate/reactivate cycle with SchoolsFirst, and I did see the opening balance of two savings accounts change. Why the checking accounts escaped it this time, I have no idea.


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    If you haven't already, you may want to review: NEW 9/24/21 Schools First Federal CU Returns CC-501 Error
  • Appreciate the heads-up, I apparently failed to sort the search results adequately.
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    Appreciate the heads-up, I apparently failed to sort the search results adequately.
    Quicken Support posted their alert at the same time as your post.  I suspect the announcement would not have appeared in your search no matter how the results were sorted.
  • I've been having issues with my SchoolsFirstFCU account for 6 months. Until today it's been a cc-800 error, now it's cc-501. For the CC-800 error Tech support recommended opening a new account in quicken every year so the file doesn't get too big... (not much point in using this software in that scenario) One thing I've been doing is making sure that BEFORE I open quicken I copy the last known good (correct balance) quicken file to a backup location so when quicken crashes or screws up my balances I still have a good file. My solution to the CC-800 error was to Super Validate (hold down shift AND ctrl, while navigating to File>Validate and Repair, then select super validate) the file BEFORE downloading any transactions. I've been doing this for the last 6 months BEFORE EVERY time I update transactions with Quicken. Basically it take 4 times longer to do my finances than it should. Quicken need to figure this one out... I just solved the CC-501 error with this method
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    Is this resolved for anyone? I am still having issues. It seems to update existing connected accounts but won't add accounts.
  • I'm still having issues too, as of the most recent update my workaround is not working either. this software is junk, but they have a monopoly
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