financial institution is no longer listed with updated Quicken - Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank had a special listing of "Fifth Third Bank - NEW" in the Quicken financial institution list that allowed Direct Connect. That no longer appears in the list. Fifth Third supports Direct Connect, but only when the "Fifth Third Bank - NEW" is selected in the setup. What happened to it? It's been there for a couple of years at least.


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    Just use Fifth Third as it still offers DC:

    Click on Options at the lower right when you Select Fifth Third, and select Direct Connect to use that connection method.

    (The "Fifth Third-New" entry was likely a transitional name as they switched to a new branding in the list. Most people have been migrated, so they did away with it.)
  • I appreciate your responding, but that does not work. I'm quite familiar with setting up bank connections and I can only connect through Quicken Connect - it fails if I attempt Direct Connect. Spent over an hour with Quicken support yesterday which confirmed it would not set up as Direct Connect. Subsequent contact I had with Fifth Third confirmed that the "Fifth Third Bank - NEW" was necessary for the Direct Connect to work. Here is an error message I got on another issue reflecting that the listing is no longer available - Quicken Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 8.43.53 AM copy.jpg

    Fifth Third says they have made no changes. This appears to have happened through a recent Quicken software update.
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    Hi, again, tarnoldjr:

    It's nice you are familiar with setting up banking connections as it certainly makes things easier.

    That bank list, is for the most part, completely independent of the program releases. Yes, there are differences on what platforms banks support, but I am not seeing "Fifth Third Bank-New" in either the Win or Mac client. Moreover, those "-New" branding listings usually don't stick around forever. That newer listing eventually loses the "-New" moniker. 

    I can't say if 5/3 has changed support for DC for your account type.

    The one thing I find odd is that your screenshot is still showing a reference to the old bank branding (listing). It also appears you have mobile enabled.

    I don't want to send you chasing your tail, but if it were I:

    1. Deactivate every 5/3 account in your file. 
    2. Under Preferences:Connected Services, walk through the options of reseting the Cloud data. Wait a couple minutes. 
    3. Try setting it up with the DC connection again. 
    It also would help if you indicated with how this setup "would not setup."
  • I have this exact same problem. I've also been through the finger pointing game. On one hand the bank reports lots of customers reporting the same issue and insists that the DC [ Fifth Third Bank - New ] is needed to work. On the other hand Quicken customer support, seeing the same result, wants me to call back on Monday to get it escalated.

    I've been through many cycles of testing and troubleshooting with the same result. When attempting to connect to DC [ Fifth Third Bank ] it fails specifying an incorrect Customer ID or Password/PIN. I know that's not the case since I can use those credentials to login to my online banking without any issues.
  • Hi Scubba2sea - Yes this is exactly my experience, including the screen shot you provided.

    John_in_NC - I had already tried the steps you suggested and that does not resolve the problem. While the software update may be independent of the bank list the list has been changed.
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    I will note here that the list of financial institutions actually comes from Intuit.  Intuit provides this service.
    Quicken Inc support should be escalating such a problem to them to work it out.  Either by putting back the entry that was removed by mistake or working with the financial institution to get the one without "- New" to have the right information (maybe a different URL).
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website:
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    I just spent significant time talking to 53rd and Quicken with no resolution but promises to escalate. I received and OL-302-A error stating incorrect login information. After attempting a reset, Quicken opened an error window stating 53rd no longer accepts more than 8 character passwords. I went onto the website for 53rd and called as it states 8-24 characters. They naturally state, "we didn't change anything but since the last Quicken update, we've received a lot of phone calls and will escalate this". I have not changed my password yet.
    Quicken stated unfortunately something changed at the bank's end with DirectConnect. You should be able to go to the other login techniques ("web connect") however you will be unable to use bill pay through Quicken. This is going to be a problem...
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    hello @Joe25 and @tarnoldjr

    We are currently seeing issues with 53rd Bank that could be affecting your connectivity. I would recommend following the alert I leave down below so that you're able to follow for any updates that do happen. you can do so by going across the top then to the right of the title clicking the ribbon.

    Quicken Francisco 
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    Just downloaded and performed transactions through Fifth Third Direct Connect. Fully functional to the best of my knowledge.
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    Yesterday I changed my Fifth Third connection to Direct Connect. Executed a transfer of funds between accounts and it worked fine - no error messages. Does this mean the listing has been updated and the issue is resolved?
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